• Connor Hyde

How Drivably Will Change The Automotive Industry Forever Through Intelligent Inventory Acquisition

Let me introduce you to the hottest thing in automotive today. Drivably, the first ever machine learning platform to source, qualify, predict, and provide the right inventory for your dealership in real time.

With the ability to increase profitability, and efficiently scale your internal buying channels, dealerships will time travel right back into the hay day when they actually made money on cars.

Drivably analyzes millions of data points across platforms like Kelly Blue Book, NADA, Manheim, and others to under to understand what inventory belong in what markets across the US. This gives dealerships the ability to make the right decisions on what to purchase, every time.

If you ask 10 “Car Dog” dealers if they made better margins on selling cars in 1998 than 2018, 10 of them will say some variation of “ABSOLUTELY”. The acquisition epidemic that dealers are being faced with today comes down to four things.

Manheim’s stronghold on the wholesale market causing price hikes.The rapidly increasing number of new dealerships each year causing unrealistic values on cars.The lack of time to find and analyze information to make timely decisions.The poor experience dealers have created for private sellers making it hard to buy off private market inventory.

With Drivably, dealers will now have access to new rental, fleet, and private inventory that is designed to meet their needs. Because of Drivably’s extensive relationships across these various channels, they are able to analyze hundreds of thousands of units every single day. Drivably can tell dealerships what inventory they need, regardless of where is sits in the US and due to their friendly approach to the private market, they have the ability to tap into 15 million private market units that most dealers don’t currently have access to.

The days of car dealers making front-end gross on cars is temporarily over, until now. Car dealers have been conditioned to believe that the car is simply an asset that provides the opportunity for them to sell back-end product like an Extended Service Contract, or Gap Insurance. This would be like Chic-Fil-A (a company that has dominated the retail chicken market for over 70 years) selling chicken to break even, so they could upsell a drink and make a few bucks. Drivably will not only provide meaningful insights to dealers to make the best purchasing decisions, but we will take it a step further by supplying the physical inventory to their doors. This is something that has never been done before, and will completely change the modern day automotive industry as we know it.

To get started as a partner, all you have to do is fill out the new partner application on our website and one of our friendly account managers will schedule a time to meet. Make sure you reach out promptly as Drivably only accepts a certain amount of dealers within any given market. This is due to our value being largely dependent on the amount of available supply within each market.

Brad Harp, General Partner of a large dealer group in the East said “In the 18 years of being in the automotive industry I’ve never had a vendor claim that they could actually increase the amount of money I made selling cars. Drivably not only increased our gross profit per unit, but decreased acquisition spend by over $550,000 per year. This saved us hundreds of hours of time and enabled me to turn our focus to the customer. We have taken over this market because our customers are happier, and referral business is up by 41%. That’s really what it’s all about.”

To learn more about Drivably visit our website at drivably.com. Here you can find best practices on emerging acquisition trends, watch video testimonials from our customers, or apply to become one of our newest partners.


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