How These Two groundbreaking Tools Changed Humanity

"By giving people wonderful tools, you enable them to do wonderful things."

This is what Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said during his recent keynote address in September in regards to their products and how people have interacted with them. Since the dawn of time tools have been developed, improved, and have changed general humanity and civilization all together. There are two that I would consider the two most groundbreaking tools of the past 12,000 years. 

Let me take you back to the Neolithic age, nearly 12,000 years ago, where animal shoulders were repurposed for digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials. This was the inception of the shovel. As a child, I would spend hours on the weekends digging in the yard. I remember one hot summer day in Phoenix, I was determined to dig a hole big enough to put water in to make a homemade hot tub. As I started digging, the dirt was as hard as a rock. Although my progress was very slow, I was determined. I kept chipping away at the rock hard dirt and was 8-10 inches deep when my shovel snapped. I was devastated. I had my pity party, and was back to work, only this time using my hands. After struggling to make ANY sort of progress, I quickly appreciated the value that my shovel provided to me. Without the shovel, I realized that this project would be near impossible. The shovel, which seemingly simple, would transform and evolve over the next 12,000 years with multiple iterations. What used to take hundreds of workers, hundreds of hours of digging can be done today with a few experienced excavator operators in less than an hour. The evolution of this device has catapulted entire industries around the world for many centuries and continues to do so. 

Let’s fast forward to the late 1800’s (1889 to be exact) where the first electric drill was created. Prior to the electric drill, around 35,000 BC, the original drill consisted of a pointed rock being spun between the hands to bore a hole through another material. This led to the hand drill, a smooth stick, that was sometimes attached to flint point, and was rubbed between the palms. Like the shovel, the drill would continue to have innovations over thousands of years. Many types of drills have been created to change mankind for the better. In surgery rooms, dental offices, construction sites, on oil rigs, and to hang photos of loved ones. Do you remember the last time you used a hand held screw driver? No thank you.

Tens of thousands of other tools have been created over the years, all with a singular purpose: to improve operations and enable people to do wonderful things. At Drivably, we build wonderful tools to enable dealerships to avoid costly mistakes and make more profit. I would call those two things wonderful. To learn more, please visit us at or call us at (480) 702-1010.


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